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Automatic Jeans Pocket Setter Sewing Unit
Video Introduction:

Machine, Automatic Pocket Setter Sewing Machine Unit

Technical Characteristics: Automatic briquetting device is allowed to be sewed in any position,noose or pattern thread can be decorated within or out of the pocket; its templateneeds no altering alone;abgle of the automatic briquetting and feeding device can be adjusted arbitrarily according to size of the pocket and can be operated simply and conveniently.
Application: Programmable Automatic Pocket Setter Sewing Machine Unit is suitable for sewing any kind of pre-pressed patch pockets, mainly for jeans, casual pants, Army pants, workwear,etc....
The machine can sew pocket with any shape Round, square, curve and asymmetric mouths, etc... One machine has multiple functions for use...
Features: 1. Programmable patterns making. 2. Mitsubish PLC.SMC pneumatic valves and cylinder,THK rail.more stable quality. 3. Automatic fabric feeding and collect device,improve effeciency largely. 4. Ironing and pocket setter can be operated together by one operator. No need skilled operator. 5. Automatic device for quick pocket jig change.easily understanding. 6. Easy clamp made, lower cost, it resolves the problem of traditional clamp-made. 7. All standard spare parts,easy fixing and repairing, lower cost.