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Overlock Sewing Machine

FOXSEW Overlock Sewing Machine can always meet the customers’ demands well. Basic Siruba Type Models like FX737, FX747, FX757, Pegasus Type Series FX700-3/4/5/6 etc…Customers like them, need them. Also the direct-drive overlock sewing machine keep moving with the sewing machine trends, Small Cylinder Bed Overlock can provide special services for special customers, so customers here can get what they want very easily with happiness.

Computerized Direct Drive Overlock Sewing Machine with Automatic Trimmer Direct Drive Super High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine Elastic Attaching Overlock Sewing Machine

FOXSEW Overlock sewing machines with good design, low noise, easy operation, no oil-leakage. Customers like them well, because the Garment Factories gave them very good feedback on FOXSEW Brand Overlock sewing machines. With FOXSEW Overlock sewing machines the Garment Factories can make high-efficient, can make more products and make better profit than others.

The main characteristics of industrial sewing machines: a specific and strong. Most of the industrial sewing machine for a particular workpiece, even specially designed for a particular sewing process. 2 high production efficiency. Per minute, depending on the purpose and sewing stitch sewing from 1000 to 10000. 3 good quality sewing. Sewing stitches and seams solid, uniform.