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Tape Cutting Machine

FOXSEW Tape Cutting Machine includes four different series Tape Cutting Machine, Label Cutting Machines, Webbing Cutting Machine, Ribbon Cutting Machines. Ultrasonic Tape Cutting Machines FX-2200 and FX-2100 are with the latest technology in the world, they can cut various Tape, Ribbon, Webbing, Slings, Zippers, etc...FX-150 Series is the latest patented products, all FX-150 Series are with Hole Punching and Collecting Device, it can cut any angle of tapes, ribbons, or belts. FX130 Series Computer controlled Tape Cutter, FX120 Series Automatic Tape Cutter, FX110 Series Tape Cutter and FX817 Series Tape cutter. We focus on tape cutters for many years, that’s why we are becoming the leading manufacturer in this field. FX130 Computer controlled Tape cutter is our Invention Patented Products, many other factories follow us about this tape cutter.

Computer Controlled Tape Cutter (Hot and Cold Knife) FX-130LR Automatic Tape Cutter (Hot and Cold Knife) FX-120LR Tape Cutter With Cold and Hot Knife FX-817

FX120LR Automatic Tape cutter with hot and cold knife is another outstanding product of FOXSEW, it agglomerates all the efforts of FOXSEW engineers, it shows high-technology and innovation of FOXSEW, also it is the patented product of FOXSEW. In order to meet different demands from different customers, we have the economic series tape cutter, that is FX110 Series. Compared with FX130 and FX120 Series, the prices of FX110 Series is a little cheaper. So, all customers come here can find correct machines what they need.