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Automatic Shirt Sewing Machine

FOXSEW Automatic Shirts Sewing Machines covers many different kinds of Automatic sewing machines units which are widely used for stitching dress shirts sewing process. From the collar, shoulder, Yoke, Labels, Pockets, Front Placket, Sleeve, Cuff, Body, Bottom hemming, Buttons, Buttonholes, etc...

Fully automatic collar stitching sewing machine units, Automatic pockets setter, Automatic Button Sewing Machine, Automatic Buttonhole Sewing Machine unit, Automatic Cuff Sewing Machine Unit, Automatic Sleeve Placket Sewing Unit, Automatic Front Placket Sewing Machine Units, etc...

 Automatic Shirt Pocket Setter  Automatic Shirt Collar Sewing Unit  Automatic Front Placket Buttonholer

And all of these Automatic Sewing Machines can be specially designed for different parts of the Shirts, it improves Working efficiency and makes high quality products, most of these Automatic Sewing Machines can be operated two sets by one operator, so it save the labors’ cost.

Any special sewing machines are available customized according to customers’ requirements.

FOXSEW Automatic Shirts Sewing Machines are always with customers and markets.