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Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

FOXSEW Bar Tacking Sewing Machines have all the types of Bartacking series, like Brother Type Bar Tacking Machine , Juki Type Bar Tacking Machine, Direct-drive Bar Tacking Sewing machine , etc… Different customers have different requirements, but FOXSEW can provide them correct machines, because FOXSEW knows customers well, knows market well. So, FOXSEW Bar Tacking sewing machines are popular with all customers from different countries !

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Direct-Drive Electronic Bar Tacking Sewing Machine Computer-controlled Bar Tacking Machine Electronic Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

FX430 is the Brother Type Bartacking sewing machine, here we can provide customer Direct-drive model and Manual model, FX1850 is the Juki Type Bar Tacking Sewing Machine, Also we can provide 2 different model which is Direct –drive type, another is the Manual one. So, customers can know the details with FOXSEW by further discussion with FOXSEW People ! Welcome to FOXSEW to choose the Bar tacking sewing machines you need !