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Sewing Machine for Sofa, Furniture

FOXSEW Sewing Machine for Sofa, Furniture, Sewing Machines for Leather Upholstery, Automotive Interiors Upholstery Sewing Machines, covers full range of Heavy duty sewing machines, these machines are designed for all kinds of Heavy duty materials. These heavy duty sewing machines are widely used for stitching leather and fabrics Sofas, Auto-Upholstery. So, most of these machines are compound feed with walking foot, the special feeding structure guarantee smooth and stable sewing process. Some machines we remodel for special using purpose, like the sewing machine for Chinese summer sleeping mats, sofa materials with wooden materials extra heavy. It need very hard and strong technology to make these kinds of machines well.

Durkopp Adler Type Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine Extra Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine Long Arm Compound Feed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine

FOXSEW devoted into Heavy duty sewing machines for many years, we are professional in modified special sewing machines for different customers. Like FX-868, FX867 Durkopp Adler Type Compound feed lockstitch sewing machine, in China no others can make same machine, like FX-4620, Long arm compound feed heavy duty sewing machine, we can make any length according to customers demands. We developed the FX-4630 with triple needle, triple hook special machines for Summer Sleeping Mats sewing, so it is very popular in China local market.

FOXSEW Heavy Duty Sewing Machines are specially designed for Sofa and Furniture Factories, Auto Upholstery Industries, machines can bring them high working efficiency and good profit, provided with beautiful stitches and high quality procuts, like Leather Sofas, Luxury Sofas, High-level Auto-Interiors Seats, and all leather and fabrics upholsteries.
Welcome all customers from China and Abroad to do mutual benefit business with us for Sofa and Furniture Heavy duty sewing machines.