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Feed-off-the-Arm Chain Stitch Sewing Machine

FOXSEW Feed-off-the-arm Chain Stitch Sewing Machines bring very good reputation to us !  The “ Star of FOXSEW “ - Direct Drive 4 Needle 6 Thread Feed-off-the-arm flat Seaming Machine  won all the praises in the China Sewing Machine Industry ! This machine tells us: never stop ! Keep moving ! Innovation is the soul of an enterprise  ! Even it is the soul of a Nation !  FOXSEW is a young enterprise, but FOXSEW is a innovative enterprise ! It’s the truth ! Innovation is the life of FOXSEW !

Direct Drive 4 Needle 6 Thread Feed-off-the-arm flat Seaming Machine High-speed Feed-off-the-Arm Chain Stitch Lap Seaming Machine Automatic Lockstitch Hemming On Trousers Bottoms And Sleeves Machine

The 4 Needle 6 Thread Feed-off-the-arm Flat seaming sewing machine is the invention of FOXSEW, it attracted more attention from the world famous company like JUKI, SINGER, BROTHER, etc… they want to do OEM from us. This machine is the Star of FOXSEW. It has all the core-technology of FOXSEW, what we want to prove is that: we can be the best Sewing Machine Manufacturer in the world ! we must show the best machines to our customers, to the world ! So, dear all, please come here to see the FOXSEW Feed-off-the-arm sewing machines ! Then you will know, Chinese factory can do the best sewing machines !