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Jeans Belt Loop Trimming Machine

  • Product Name:  Jeans Belt Loop Trimming Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX-BLT411
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Cartons
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Quality System Certification:  CE
  • Product Details:  Jeans Belt Loop Trimming Machine

Automatic Jeans Belt Loop Trimming Machine FOXSEW FX-BLT411
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FOXSEW Beltloop Trimming Machine is used for jeans belt loop. Trimming extra material after sewing or bar tacking the belt loop onto the jeans waistband.
If you are looking for beltloop trimming machines for jeans, this machine of belt loop cutting tool is perfect choice for you. Trimming Efficiency: 600-900 beltloops per hour against manual 300 beltloops per hour.
And as after trimming for Jeans beltloops, this machine can be separated from adult size (42mm belt loop width) and kids size (35mm belt loop width).
Cutting method: pneumatic
Operation: touch and trim automatically
This machine is very useful for trimming the belt loop with simple touch when feeding the ear loop into the duck mouth of loop trimmer. And most common replacement of its parts fitting is the knife set, one fixed knife and two movable knives.
1. Application:specially applied to trim extra ends of belt loop after sewing, simply get work done by touching button with the back of the right hand when feeding. 
2. Cost saving: 2 to 3 times against manual scissor trimming. 
3. Suction Device for 42mm (35mm not available for size too small):
4. Using a cylinder to supply power for trimming work, requiring a air compressor to support 0.35-0.45Mpa air pressure. We apply non-electrical design, not only protect workers from electrical shock, but also ensure the long-term life span of tool service.
High Productivity, Low labors cost, Constrant Trimming Result, Easy to service,Short training period.Save time and save money.
Belt Loop Trimmer is applied to cut belt loop to trim excess ends.
This kind of beltloop trimmer is designed to trouses, skirts, jeans, overcoats after sewing and washing.
Model NO.:  FOXSEW FX-BLT411
Trimming Length:  35mm, 42mm
Wokring Efficiency:  800-900pcs/hour
Air Pressure:  0.35-0.45Mpa
Power Supply:  Pneumatic
Packing Size:  43x25x18cm
Weight:  2.9KGS