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China Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine Manufacturer [2014-02-13]

FOXSEW is the leader of Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine in China, even in the world market FOXSEW hold very big market share. Pattern Sewing Machine is the tendency of the sewing machine industry, it can save labor’s cost and increase work-efficiency.

Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine compared with traditional sewing machine:

1. To enhance corporate image.

2. To improve the production environment and reduce the intensity of work.

3. To improve the traditional production management.

Programmable Pattern Machine makes production more stable, accurate production data. Production and order arrangements with accuracy, reduce labor usage, sewing quality and stability, reduce the quality management friction.

4. To improve production efficiency.

Sewing handbags, trademarks, a pattern machine’s efficiency is equal to the traditional day of production sewing machine operator 7 staff efficiency.

5. To reduce costs.

Pattern machine as full computerized system control, stable quality, scrap rate is zero.

6. To improve products quality.

Improvement of product quality, greatly improve product quality and competitiveness, thereby increasing corporate profits and brand reputation.

So, in the new time, FOXSEW is leading the revolution of Sewing machine industry. More and more customers are using Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machines from FOXSEW.

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