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Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine

  • Product Name:  Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX580E
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Wooden Case
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Product Details:  Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine

FOXSEW Automatic Electronic Eyelet ButtonHole Sewing Machine, Electronic Keyhole ButtonHole Sewing Machine

This machine is widely used in Jeans, Men's Suits, Sports Wear, Uniforms, Safety Wear, Men's Jackets, Work Wear, Overcoats, Ladies Outerwear, Sportswear, etc...

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Easiest conversion for applications in the field of military clothing or jeans. Example: Sewing and cutting of eyelet buttonholes with gimp,taper bar and round eyelets without gimp in rapid change and cutting all sewing threads short.With the FX580 the selection of 2 different buttonhole knives together with the short topmounted cutting block facilitates virtually any length and any shape in any conceivable combination.Different lengths are automatically performed by single or multiple cuts.
If just 2 different buttonholes are required the operation mode allows the combination of 2 buttonhole knives and one cutting block. This facilitates the choice between 2 different cut lengths and shapes. All buttonholes are cut open with a single cut - highest productivity by shortest possible cycle time.

Features: 1.automatic chain stitch buttonhler sewing machine with CNC step motor technology. 2.Sewing Machine For all kinds of materials,perfectly uniform stitch formation due to optimized sewing kinematic. 3.Three stage cutting force adjustment for maximum lifetime of the buttonhole knives. 4.By the most advanced software,individually programmable buttonholes ,it is very easy to operate. 5.High sewing speed and fast cutting systems for optinal adaptation to your requirement. 6.Integrated cool sewing head for shadowless lighting. 7.Simple adjustment and easy maintance  for trouble-free operation. 8.Sewing Machine For buttonholes with or without gimp thread


Model NO.:  FX580E
Sewing Speed:  2700 r.p.m
Cutting Length:  6-50mm
Sewing Width:  2.8-7.6mm
Weight:  210 KGS
Packing Size:  117x87x114cm