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Automatic Laser Pocket Welt Sewing Machine [2021-08-19]

FOXSEW Automatic Laser Pocket Welt Sewing Machine

This machine is used for all kinds of Pocket Welting Sewing Process, compared with Fully Automatic Pocket Welt Sewing Unit, this machine cost is too much cheaper, but can also make very good pockets. so for some garment factories, they like this machine very much.

Working Video:

Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine compared with traditional sewing machine:

To enhance corporate image. To improve the production environment and reduce the intensity of work.

To improve the traditional production management. Programmable Pattern Machine makes production more stable, accurate production data. Production and order arrangements with accuracy, reduce labor usage, sewing quality and stability, reduce the quality management friction. To improve production efficiency.

Sewing handbags, trademarks, a pattern machine’s efficiency is equal to the traditional day of production sewing machine operator 7 staff efficiency. To reduce costs.

Pattern machine as full computerized system control, stable quality, scrap rate is zero. To improve products quality.

Improvement of product quality, greatly improve product quality and competitiveness, thereby increasing corporate profits and brand reputation.Specifications:



Stitch Type

Single needle lockstitch

Sewing Area

300mm X 200 mm / 250mm X 160mm, 400mm X 300mm, etc... any sewing area is available.

Max. Sewing Speed

2500 r.p.m

Feeding System

Intermittent or continuous

Stitch Length

0.1-12.7 mm


DPX17 #9-#26


Large Size Shuttle Hook

Max. Patterns


Max. Stitches

50000 needle/1 pattern

Presser foot lift

20-32 mm

Presser foot drive


Pattern Data Storage Media

Computer and USB Driver

Spindle motor

750W Servo Motor

Presser foot stroke

4-10 mm

Operation Panel

7 inch LED touch screen