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Feed off the Arm Chainstitch Sewing Machines [2018-03-10]

FOXSEW Three Needle Feed off the Arm Chain Stitch Sewing Machines, 10 sets machines are ready for marriage to USA Customers, hope they can enjoy a happy life with new big family.

Working Video-1:

Working Video-2:

Working Video-3:

Working Video-4:

Function Characteristic:
1. The special structure of cantilever tubular is especially suitable for sleeves, trousers and such kind of caliber things joint sewing.
2.Exteriorly equipped with up-down puller system,suitable for thick materials.
Usage:It is suitable for Men’s Suit, suit-Dress, Shirts, Work Suits, Jeans ,Tent ,Raincoats, etc., Especially for jeans

mode:three needles chain stitch

Speed:Max 3500s.p.m
Length of stitch:1.2-5.2mm
Needle number:3
Needle:TV X5 #18 #21
Motor:370W(Exclusive for sewing machine)
SUB-Class:FX-928L-PS: Thin; FX-928-PS: Medial-thick; FX-928XH-PS :Thick;the gauge sets being provided in various type and model:1/4.3/8.5/16.9/32, pls indicate your requirement in detail in your order