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Automatic Climbing Rope Stitching Machine [2022-06-17]

Automatic Climbing Rope Stitching Sewing Machines 
FOXSEW Extra Heavy Duty Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine for Sling Ropes, Climbing ropes.
Application: lifting slings, rigging products, safety belts, military webbing, cargo lashing strap, hoists, safety harness, crane slings, industrial safety products, textile slings (reinforcement stitch or reinforced Eye), lanyards, saddles, sails, parachutes and furniture upholstery, Bar tacking for climbing ropes, safety ropes, sterling rope, cords, yacht ropes, ropes, braid ropes etc...
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FOXSEW Heavy Duty Pattern Sewing Machine with Large Shuttle Hook for any thickness threads sewing, the special trimming design has been applied the patent and could cut off threads instantly.
The Presser foot lift is up to 25mm, suitable for stitching the extra heavy duty materials.
Be provided with function of avoiding needle broken, preventing the needle to be cut of shape or cut off when sewing heavy materials.
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