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Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

  • Product Name:  Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX-210D
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Product Details:  Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine


1. Exquisite stitches, reliable floriation sewing.

2. Highest sewing speed 2,700rpm (Using the stitch length of 3.5mm)

3. Strong frame needle penetrating to easily position the textiles.

4. Using big presser foot of two steps descending to easily position the textiles.

5. Low power consumption, economical and practical.

6. Sewing completely according to stitching data.

7. Raising amount of the presser foot can be adjusted easily by the operation board.

8. It uses the simple program editor PD-300(options).

9. High Speed Sewing With Fair Lines Achieves The Fastest Sewing Speed In The World,

  Excellent Sewing Quality And high efficiency as well as energy saving.

10. Adopting servo control and textile feed device with enhanced rigidity, thus, high-exquisite

  patterns can be sewed, even while sewing with high speed or sewing thick textiles, bad stitches

  and deviation problems which often occur to computer floriation machines would not exist.


Model NO.


Stitch Type

Single Needle Lockstitch

Working Area

130 X 60 MM

Max. Sewing Speed

2700 r.p.m

Speed Setting

200-2700 r.p.m

Feeding Mode

Intermittent, continuous feeding (switchable)

Stitch Length

0.1-12.7 mm (min. resolution 0.1 mm)

Expansion, Zoom out function

10-200% for X axis and Y axis respectively (min. resolution 0.1%)

Max. needles

8000 needle/pattern


DP*17 (#18)

Rotating Shuttle

Semi-rotation double rotating shuttle

Work Holder lift

25-30 mm

Stepping foot lift

20 mm

Stepping foot stroke

4-10 mm

Presser foot type

Air Pressure Type

Spindle Motor

400W Direct drive return servo Motor


120 KGS

Packing Size

1200 X 860 X 1170 MM