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Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Machine

  • Product Name:  Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX2210-ALPW
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Wooden Case
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Quality System Certification:  CE
  • Product Details:  Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Machine

Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Machine, Automatic Laser Pocket Welt Sewing Machine Unit

Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Sewing Machine Unit, Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Sewing Machine Unit

FOXSEW FX2210-ALPW Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welt Sewing Machine Unit with Zipper

Fully Automatic Laser Zipper Pocket Welting Sewing Machine Unit

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Pocket welting with laser, automatic folding, automatic feeding, automatic sewing process one-time completion, high-quality and efficient. 80-100w laser power adjustable, suitable for different fabrics. Infrared positioning function, accurate positioning, simple operation.  The intelligent induction, automatic stopping function. Automatic Folding time improved upto 1.5 seconds only, more than 3 times efficiency compared with others. 

Applications: It is suitable for opening and sewing of all kinds of pockets such as single welt pocket, double welt pocket, zipper pocket, single welt zipper pocket, double welt zipper pocket etc... 

The X and Y Axis are driven by servo motors, which have the characteristics of fast speed, light sound and long service life. All key parts are imported parts.The automatic non-ironing pocket folding mechanism adopts automatic cylinder folding technology to improve production efficiency and save labors cost. The internal pressure frame automatically shrinks the mechanism, so that the edge stitch changes of the pocket are not limited, and the efficiency is 3 times that of ordinary pocket welting machines.

FOXSEW Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Sewing Machine Unit is driven by full servo motor, combined with the world’s first mechanical design concept, aiming at the current engineer workers are hard to find, and product quality of a series of problems, developed the world’s first full-automatic laser pocket welting machine, greatly improves the production efficiency, saves the labor cost, and is the ideal product for garment enterprises.

This type Fully Automatic Laser Pocket Welting Machine can welt, fold, sew and bartack pocket in one time, with or wiout flaps, also welt with or without zipper. It can complete a whole pocket one time.  The automatic laser pocket welting machine could be one time sewing or two times sewing according to customer's requirement. It could be switched freely between one and two times sewing only by changing the pattern.

The speed of the welt pocket machine: when one time sewing, the speed is 150pcs/hour. When two times sewing, the speed is 100 pcs/hour. If workers can operate the machine skillfully, the production capacity could be more.  The pocket welting machine is suitable for any kind of exterior pocket and most of woven fabric and knitted fabric. For the pocket shape, such as single lip pocket, single lip pocket with zipper, double lip pocket, double lip pocket with zipper, pocket with flap, zipper pocket, zipper pocket with flap, cargo pockets with flap, cargo pocket with zipper. For the pocket fabric, such as casual pants, work clothes, sports wear, down jacket, leather and polyester etc... In other words, the FOXSEW Automatic laser pocket welting machine is suitable for light fabric, middle fabric and heavy fabrics.  The pocket welting machine can save 8 workers, it saves labor cost for garment factory greatly, most important it won't need workers with experience. Meantime the products are more perfect than them made by worker. 

Easy administration and retrieval of the pre-programmed seams for diverse applications, The swivel-out folding station enables easy access for set-up and service work. Incorporation of double welt or single welt pockets,all straight /slanted double or single welt pockets,with or without flaps can be processed. Simple operation, Quick learning process, Quick changeover from double welting to single welting, Customised setting for stitching and transport speed, Automatic sensing of flap length and size, Independent drives for clamp transport as well as all cutting systems, Easily programmable, Cutter adjustment for corner cutter position in steps of 0.1mm,The pre-programmed seam is selected on the control panel. Weltings, flaps and additional parts are kept on tray table and fed manually. The pocket opening gets sewn and cut fully automatic in one pass. Next, the readymade sewn is placed by the stacker for further processing.


Model NO.:  FOXSEW FX2210-ALPW
Sewing Head:  2210G Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine Head
Needle:  DPx17 (12#-14#)
Sewing Head Speed:
Stitch Program Storage Capacity:  Operation Screen Input Mode
Number of Patterns:  Can save up to 999 inds of patterns
Stitch Length:  1.0mm-3.5mm
Presser Foot Lift:  60-80mm
Sewing Area:  X Axis: 100-220mm; Y Axis: 10-35mm
Fabric Positioning:  Infrared Spotlights
Production Capacity:  30 seconds per pcs or more
Pocket Folding Mode:  Simultaneously in all four directions
Pocket Welting Mode:  80-100W Laser Cutting Mode
Sewing Working Mode:  Pocket Welting/Folding/Sewing/Cutting/Bartacking
Servo Motor:  750W Servo Motor
Air Presser:  0.6Mpa; 22dm/min
Weight:  600KGS
Packing Size:  192x142x155cm
Thread Broken Induction:  With Intelligent Thread Break Detection