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Automatic Pocket Facings Attaching Sewing Machine

  • Product Name:  Automatic Pocket Facings Attaching Sewing Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX-PF9000
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Wooden Case
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Quality System Certification:  CE
  • Product Details:  Automatic Pocket Facings Attaching Sewing Machine

Fully Automatic Pocket Facings Attaching Sewing Machine Unit FOXSEW FX-PF9000
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This machine is specifically designed to create perfect, durable pockets on any style of pant. Whether you're looking to sew a new pair of jeans from scratch or simply add a new pocket to an old pair, a pocket facing machine will do the job quickly and easily.
Most full automatic pocket facing machines offer a variety of features and settings, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one. You'll want to find one that is compatible with the fabrics you plan to work with, has adjustable stitch length and width, and comes with a variety of presser feet for different types of pockets.
Once you have this machine, be sure to practice on some scrap fabric before starting on your actual project.
Pants pocket facing automatic garment sewing machine including automatic folding, automatic feeding, automatic sewing and automatic collecting. 
Sewing efficiency: 3800-4200pcs per 8 hours including automatic folding and sewing, capacity varies due to sewing requirement difference (length, needle pitch). Foxsew automatic pocket facing sewing machine with automatic thread cutter can provide you excellent sewing experience and product quality.
Feature of Foxsew Automatic Pocket Facing Sewing Machine:
1. Perfect choice of automatic pocket facing attaching sewing machine.
2. Servo motor control system to generate accurate feeding, improve both sewing quality and worker efficiency of trouser sewing.
2. Special design of fabric material feeding technique, available to handle different kinds of fabric.
3. Adjusting function for gap width (4 position setting), sewing position (sensors setting for direction and length, easily setting start point and end point).
4. Available for both types of vertical pocket and slant pocket in suit pants automatic hemming and sewing with touch and play operation.
5. Backstitch and condense function in start and end point of sewing process.
6. Automatic threading detection function and emergency button to make sure operation safety.
7. Automatic finished material collecting device (FOXSEW patent).
Technical Specifications:
Constant sewing results on different Fabrics.
Automatic seam end control either by seam length measurement or reflecting light barrier.
Fully overlapped working,Easy to operation,Short training period.
Four various top-stitch widths available with quick adjustment.
Folding technique independent from the Fabric.
Exclusive patented Collection device.
End Control By Reflecting Light Barrier,Automatic Folding,Collection Device (Foxsew Patented Design).
Model NO.:  FOXSEW FX-PF9000
Sewing Head:  JUKI
Sewing Speed:  0-5000r.p.m
Air Pressure:  0.5Mpa
Packing Size:  165x125x160cm
Weight:  265KGS
Air Consumption:  85L/Min
Folding Length:   0-355mm
Voltage:  110V/220V, 50/60HZ