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Industrial Blind Stitch Machine

  • Product Name:  Industrial Blind Stitch Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX-1030
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Cartons
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Product Details:  Industrial Blind Stitch Machine

FOXSEW Industrial Blindstitch Sewing Machine

Applications: This machine is widely used for hemming cuff, pant, shirt, glove,sock, front and back of western suit, etc... and suitable for various material such as cotton, wool, chemical fiber, etc...

Functions Characteristics: For adoption of Blind stitch mode, the sewn stitch is invisible from the surface of fabric ,which maintain the clothes much neater and more elegant.


Model NO.:  FX-1030
Stitch Type:  Single Chain Stitch
Sewing Speed:  2200 r.p.m
Skip Stitch:  1:1  2:1
Needle Type:  LWx1669E 9#  11#
Motor:  250W or Servo Motor