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Automatic LOGO-Scanning Button Feeder

  • Product Name:  Automatic LOGO-Scanning Button Feeder
  • Model NO.:  FX-978
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Wooden Case
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Product Details:  Automatic LOGO-Scanning Button Feeder

FOXSEW LOGO Scanning Button Feeding Device, Automatic LOGO-Reader Button Feeding Machine

Automatic Button Feeder with Logo Scanner, Automatic LOGO Scanner Button Feeding Sewing Machine Unit, Automatic LOGO Reading Button Sewing Machine, Automatic Feeding LOGO-Scanner Button Attaching Sewing Machine Unit.

It's used for stitching buttons with LOGO, Patterns, or different colors, keep the LOGO and patterns in the same direction, so it's good for sewing high-end products, like Shirts, Suits, Uniforms, etc...


1. Double Functions: Logo reading, color scanning.
2. One click width and thickness measurement function: For different size of buttons, different logos, different patterns, different colors, different thickness, just press one button and put one button into the thickness measurement platform, adjustable the width and thickness automatically.
3. Double Functional: Two different size of buttons settled in one programe, size changing automatically, no need manual insert, easy operation, improvement of production efficiency.
4. It's available for both 4-hole buttons and 2-hole buttons.
5. Support second time thread trimming function.
6. Anti-collision system: Operator foot on the pedal long times continue feeding buttons, mechnical system no collisions.

FOXSEW Automatic LOGO-Reader Button Feeder Machine can match all kinds of JUKI, BROTHER Button Sewing Machines, like 1903A, 438D, 377D, 1377D, 4-2D, can be also matched existing machines which garments factories already used, can save cost and no need to buy new button sewing machines.

Features: To realize high speed up to 2700stich/min, using high speed tangent to further improve production efficiency. Through the unique levels forced buckle mechanism to ensure that the clip can send to pinch button without the need for skilled operator. In addition, an operator only needs the fabric into the specified location, step on the foot pedal, reduce fatigue. Operation panel: a variety of functions simply by operating the control knob can be set on the panel. In addition, the corresponding fault alarm lights flashing, can quickly make troubleshooting.

(1)Now the other similar products on the current market, all need manual move the whole feeding machine to adjust and align the button attaching machine with different size of buttons position, but FOXSEW unique adjusting platform only need to rotating two screws, very easily and convenient to adjust and align correct position, save time and improve working efficiency a lot.

(2)Now the other similar products on the current market, all used air cylinder to feeding the buttons, after long time working, air cylinder easy fray, then incorrect feeding buttons, short life using, wasting money, unstable etc... FOXSEW automatic feeding machine used intelligent motor feeding system, feeding buttons hundred percent of accuracy and correctly, feeding way softly, no noise, long life use.

(3)Now the similar products on the current market, all used press buttons by air pressure, unstably pressing buttons system. FOXSEW adopts unique intelligent stepping motor system, both way press buttons to make the system more stably.

(4)FOXSEW Adopts automatically system, if different size of buttons, just press one button and put one button into the thickness measurement plate easily with convenience. About the similar machine in the market, all operated this system manually, waste time and inconvenient for operation.

(5)Now the similar products on the current market, all used ARM system, low running speeding of processor, high failure rate, the connection lines and the connection modes in system board are very complicated. FOXSEW adopts newly developed PCL integration system, high effective running speed of processor, failure rate is very low, easy repairing about after sales service.

(6) More than 7 different fault self-checking system, once fault happens, fault and solution show on the LED touch screen immediately. Fast maintenance and save time for the engineer. At present no products had this special function in the market. Our engineer team develop needle protection system for button attaching sewing machine, once the needle broken, button sewing machine and button feeder machine will stop working automatically.

Special Features:A variety of models supporting: easy installation on all kinds of button sewing machine without changing sewing table.

Convenient: auto sizing chute with thickness free, regardless of the button size. Accurate positioning: the efficient use of the computer, stepping motor, servo motor control, more stable, more accurate positioning.

Fault self diagnosis function: with the corresponding fault alarm system, rapid troubleshooting. Counting system: with counting system, statistical work, improve work efficiency. Easy to use: no need of skilled operator also can quickly learn and use.

Used for: Button sewing machines 1900,1903,438,1377,373, 4-2D etc...





PTX17 #14

Button Diameter

8-32 mm

Stitch length


Pressure foot lifter

13 mm

Standard patterns

50 patterns

Can store numbers

More than 200


2700 r/min

Packing Size



135 kgs