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Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitch Sewing Machines [2018-03-09]

FOXSEW Cams Controlled Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine for Decorative Seams on Leather and Fabrics is ready for delivery to Malaysia VIP customers, hope machines can bring respect customers good profit and market.

With Rotating Needle Bar, Change Cams to make different Ornamental Stitching Patterns.

Working Video-1:

Working Video-2:

Application: Leather Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Automotive interiors, Jeans, Fashion bags, High end leather handbags, Tents, Footwear, Shoes uppers, Saddles, Suitcases, Sunshades, Toys, Hot Rod and Custom Car Upholstery, and decorative stitching for all kinds of Leather Upholstery.

Features: The new design could realize zigzag sewing machine at many points. It adopts semi-rotate large oscillating shuttle, which could reduce the times of changing bobbin and realize sewing for thick thread. Thick material and decorating sewing. It is suitable for zigzag sewing, both cut sewing and decorating sewing of sofa, cushion shoes, and leather products.

This is Cams controlled heavy duty thick thread ornamental decorative seams sewing machine for sofa Furniture and leather Upholstery.