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Double Needle High Head Fully Automatic Postbed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

  • Product Name:  Double Needle High Head Fully Automatic Postbed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX-992HP
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Wooden Case
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Product Details:  Double Needle High Head Fully Automatic Postbed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

FOXSEW Double Needle High Head Computerized Fully Automatic Thick Thread Post-Bed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine.

Automatic Thread Trimmer, Automatic Back-tacking, Automatic Presser Foot Lift, Automatic Needle Position, Full Automatic All in One Function Computerized Heavy Duty Post Bed Lockstitch Sewing Machine.

The HEAD increased by 100mm, the WIDTH increased by 100mm, so it is more suitable for stitching boots, golf shoes, special high boots, long snow boots, small shoes, high-requirements sewing process.

Used for riding boots, sports shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, sponge shoes, children shoes, leather upholstery, leather sofa, automotive interior trims, bags, and other high quality leather products.
With large hook replacement can reduce the changing the bobbins times, and increase sewing efficiency. Large hook can be more than normal hook 2/5 of the products line, save time and increase production ability.
Front body shape, computer processing, precise specifications, within an adjustable strap design, not easy damage.

The vertical post bed makes sewing operations easily and conveniently, enable flexible sewing of various arc stitches, thereby making the machine suitable for using in a wide range of applications. FOXSEW Fully automatic heavy duty post bed sewing machines use double vertical posts and double hook to enable consistent double-thread stitches.
It is compact, novel and unique in structure and it is safe and reliable to use. In case a cloth jam or jammed machine occurs during sewing process, the safety clutch automatically disengages to prevent the hook and other important parts and components from being damaged. Adopted upper and lower roller wheel and need feed cloth synchronously, The feeding system is safe and reliable so the the sewing becomes smoothly and the stitches are very beautiful.
The delicate structure of the needle gauge adjuster allows free precision adjustments, Adjustments are easy and convenient to make. The new cutter has novel and unique design and it’s simple to mount, convenient to adjust, smart in movement, thereby enable shorter loose thread ends, it is easy and convenient to maintain and repair.
FOXSEW Fully automatic heavy duty roller feed post bed sewing machine adopts new servo motor system, the performance is more stable, compared with other ordinary motor more energy conservation and environmental protection, low power consumption, operation more convenient.
Set parameters conveniently, like the speed of rotation and the upper stop position.
Easily enable or disable the function of adding backtack reinforcing stitches.
Easily enable for disable such functions as automatic thread trimming, and automatic presser foot lift.
Use a simple switch to control reverse sewing, back-tacking, reinforcing stitches, easy to operate.
The new shape of the casing, the machine is running more stable, sound lighter.
Workers in the operation, no need to adjust the upper and lower needle stop position, just plug in the power supply can operate, very easy to operate.
Reduce the failure rate of the servo system.
The new lubrication system, fueling more convenient.
Saving Time: Using Servo Motor to control automatic thread trimming, automatic back-tacking, automatic presser foot lift, it could save 4-5 hours per day and greatly improved productivity.
Saving Power: More energy efficiency and environmental protection compared to the traditional electric motor.
Saving Labors’ cost: Using electromagnet to control presser foot could be save more labor’s cost and productivity improved a lot.


Model NO.:  FX-992HP
Max. Sewing Speed:  3000 r.p.m
Stitch Length:  0-7 mm
Needle Type:  DP*5
Needle Bar Sroke:  41 mm
Presser Foot Lift:  15 mm
Automatic Thread Trimmer:  Yes
Automatic Back-tacking:  Yes
Automatic Needle Postiton:  Yes
Automatic Presser Lift:  Yes