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Automatic Feeding Straight Button Hole Machine

  • Product Name:  Automatic Feeding Straight Button Hole Machine
  • Model NO.:  FX1790-AF
  • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
  • Packing:  Wooden Case
  • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
  • Product Details:  Automatic Feeding Straight Button Hole Machine

FOXSEW Automatic Feeding Electronic Straight Button Hole Sewing Machine

Automatic Front Placket Buttonhole Indexer, Automatic Feeding Buttonhole Sewing Unit

Automatic Shirt Front Placket Button Hole Sewing Machine Unit, Automatic Placket Buttonhole Indexer

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This machine is used for common thin materials,medium heavy materials, it's suitable for button holing of knit, exceptionally for the shirt.

(1) HMI with 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen can be operated easily, also can set parameters of sending button device and feeding device separately and information inquiry.
(2) Control the sending button device and auto feeding device by using two Japanese OMRON's PLC. The network communication of two PLC makes the sending button device and feeding device working together steadily.
(3) Vibration source of sending button device’s key parts is imported from Japan. Fast speed and low noise.
(4) The good blowing device can improve the success rate of selecting front buttons.
(5) The computer can monitor button width automatically and monitor buttons’ glide straight track width constantly.
(6) Controlling the button moving track space according to the thickness of the button to ensure the buttons move smoothly.


①Light, medium and heavy material;

②For button holing of all kind of materials, especially for sleeve button holing.

①Unique electronic yarn clamping mechanism, through the adjustment with the electromagnet yarn clamping tension can 

achieve the difference needs of button holing middle parallel part and bar tacks tension.

②New slicer equipment, cutting material more accurate

The cutting force of up-and-down movement is drived by the both way electromagnet to make the cutting. material more 

accurate. Through the unique function of slicer repeatedly fall and rise, do not need to change

the slicer when change the size.

③Multifunction of operation panel can setting the front five needle through the operation panel, to achieve the function of slow

 start, effectively avoid the break Line when machine fast start. Through the electronic control to bar tacking the last sewing to

 avoid the off-line of buttonhole. The adjustments of width, length of buttonhole, the speed of sewing can achieve through 

the operation panel.

④Use 5 high-precision stepper motor (top tangent, down tangent, feed, swing presser foot),capacity of decomposition

can reach 0.05mm,make the stitch more steady and beautiful. Meanwhile easy achieve auto-operate, Greatly simplify the 

organization and reduce the noise.

Use the electronic control take place of tradition button holing depend on the master cam to change the sewing style, to make 

the shape of sewing changeable And size more convenience, short time of adjustment

and high work efficiency.

⑤Through the technology of dry machine head, do not need oiling except the rotating shuttle parts, eliminating the material 

pollution by the machine oil, solve the ubiquitous problem of run up oil leak and oil splashes.

⑥Use the cop latch clamp equipment, can effective avoid the cop latch idle when the machine stop.

⑦Expansion of the table-board of presser foot, the reduce of wide in width of tool needle drop point in left, have more advantage 

of the place of material, increase the operation.

⑧Top and under thread use the new trapper, when starting sewing make sure the top and under thread lead correct, guarantee

 substance and beautiful.


Model NO.:  FX1790-AF
Sewing Speed:  2500 r.p.m
Weight:  210 KGS
Packing Size:  110x85x120 CM
Presser foot lift:  16 mm
Buttonhole Length:  0-80 mm